The Beacons of Dirgen

Investigation into The Seven Pillared Hall, Part III

Enter: Nemesis

- Paldemar, the rogue Ordinator Arcanis mage, fled away from the battle and swore revenge on the meddling group, especially the wily wizard, Cirdan - After returning to the Seven Pillared Hall, Orontor, the mage who sent you on your quest, apologizes for sending you on a mission above your heads and reward you each with 900 gold and a very powerful artifact from Paldemar’s former quarters. (Still TBD).


Here’s the party treasure: 1322 GP (this includes 800 in gems) 2 healing potions

and the following items worth a total of 1400 if sold (assuming all items sell for a flat 1/5 of the buying price):

Lifedrinker Weapon Level 5+ This weapon transfers an enemy’s vitality to you. Lvl 5 +1 1,000 gp Weapon: Scimitar (1d8[+1], heavy blade, high-crit) Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls Critical: +1d6 necrotic damage per plus Property: When you drop an enemy to 0 hit points or fewer with a melee attack made with this weapon, gain 5 temporary hit points. Level 15 or 20: Gain 10 temporary hit points. Level 25 or 30: Gain 15 temporary hit points.

Belt of Sacrifice Level 7+ This belt of leather allows you to help others heal. Lvl 7 2,600 gp Item Slot: Waist Property: Each ally within 5 squares of you gains a +1 item bonus to his or her healing surge value. Level 17: +2 item bonus. Level 27: +3 item bonus. Power (Daily ✦ Healing): Minor Action. Lose two healing surges. An ally within 5 squares of you regains one healing surge.

Delver’s Armor Level 3+ A popular armor among adventurers, it is relatively easy to make. Lvl 8 +2 3,400 gp Armor: Chain (+6[+2], speed and checks -1) Enhancement: AC Power (Daily): Free Action. Gain a +2 power bonus to a sav- ing throw you just rolled; use the new result.

Total individual gold share if all items are sold (including party gold): 680 each.


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