The Beacons of Dirgen

Investigation into The Seven Pillared Hall, Part II

A (not) unexpected departure

We began with Sol the Cleric left Thunderspire Labyriyth and his adventurers to further pursue his righteous call.

The remainder of the group met with, Orontor, a member of the Ordinator Arcanis, who are the robed, masked group of mages that run the Seven Pillared Hall with an iron fist (or stave). Orontor has hired the adventurers to search the ruins of an ancient temple for Paldemar, another member of the Ordinator Arcanis who has either gone missing or gone rogue.

Before embarking on the journey, Orontor introduces the group to Patinax, a Dragonborn Paladin who has also been hired to seek out Paldemar.

The new party of four then set out into the Chamber of Eyes, an ancient (and forsaken) worshipping ground. There, they skirmished with a group of goblins in an area which is supposed to be a black market trading ground.



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