The Beacons of Dirgen

Investigation into The Seven Pillared Hall

The coming together of a destined group...

The four heroes were paid the shopkeep Bairwin to make a delivery to a drow collector under Thunderspire Mountain in the Seven Pillared Hall, which itself sits above an old minotaur stronghold, the Thunderspire Labyrinth.

On the way to the Mountain the adventures stumbled across and saved the rascally Rendil Halfmoon from Hobgoblin Slavetraders who branded themselves as part of the “Bloodreavers.” After arriving in the Hall, the adventurers delivered a rare (but sadly nonmagical) Tiefling dagger to a collector. He thanked them for their time, paid them in full, and went about his business.

Later in the day, Cirdan (always the curious knowledge seeker) and Sol stood infront of the Minotaur Statue and summoned the current Ordinator Arcanis, Orontor, in order to find out more about the goings on of Thunderspire Labyrinth. Orontor, part of the robed, masked group of mages who run the Seven Pillared Hall with an iron fist (or stave), told Cirdan to come back tomorrow, for there are great issues to discuss…

Some character events also of note…

Bree found out that a Halfling, Erra Halfmoon, who runs the The Halfmoon Inn had some info as to the whereabouts about her mother and their traveling band.

The ex-adventurer turned shopkeep, Bairwin, the proprietor of The Gnome’s Sack in Traveler’s Rest, seemed to have found the strange markings on Cirdan’s hands quite intriguing.

Sol has been very uneasy about the trip to Thunderspire Labyrinth and is pondering leaving the mountain to go pursue his higher calling on his own.

Strangely, Void was quite quiet and unassuming in the past few days. What could be going on in that mysterious mind of his?



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